I imbue individuals and groups/teams with strategies for building confidence using engaging, client-centered trainings to foster well-being and make an impact amidst change and uncertainty.

Promoting Clearer Communication 

Training is truly a two-way street. With clear communication, intentions, and planning, we can build a foundation to maximize your impact.


Personalized Solutions 

Each client has differing strengths and skills. I take a tailored approach to your growth and awareness.

My experience is varied and diverse; for example, I have worked with emerging and established leaders, newcomers to the United States (refugees, immigrants, and asylees), and military (Active Duty and Reserves).


Principled Benchmarking 

As we navigate your unique goals and challenges, we will set measurable and attainable milestones to benchmark your growth and progress.


Schedule Your Consultation 

If you’re interested in increasing personal and/or team engagement and productivity by developing confidence and trauma-awareness, I invite you to reach out to me today.


Let’s discuss your unique goals with a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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“I wouldn’t be where I’m at now if it weren’t for your influence and support. I like to think I would have gotten here eventually but it would have been a much different path, one lacking this much learning, adventure, encouragement, and laughter. “

Rianna K.

“I would like to thank you for your mentorship and faith in my abilities.   You not only taught me a lot but you challenged me to think differently and grow. “

Debbie H.

“From day one you’ve made giving Edu a voice a priority, something that’s been attempted a lot during my time here, but it’s the first time that it was really successful!”

Meghan L.

"At the time I worked with Lisa, I was going through a lot of changes in my life. My husband and I were selling a business and starting two new ones; we had just moved to a new city; and it was still the middle of a pandemic. My brain was spinning in so many directions it was hard to focus enough to get anything done and harder still to get to sleep. Working with Lisa was like finding a port on a stormy sea. We talked about more than just what was in front of me, and she helped me recognize the pockets of peace that were already there for me to access. Lisa has a presence that is calm, supportive, and very organized. She provided a beautiful balance between exploration and direction at a time when I really needed it, and she helped me find my own calm center when I didn't realize it was there."

Kris Q.

"Lisa is a deeply compassionate, insightful, and thoughtful coach. I connected with her at a pivotal stage in my journey, when I felt confused, scattered, and unsure. Her curiosity and seamless integration of techniques involving the mind, body, and spirit helped to create an incredibly expansive container for me to explore and feel supported in the depths my confusion without getting overwhelmed. Further, her unwavering trust in me and her gentle invitations to reconnect to my own inner wisdom created an unbelievably empowering experience that ultimately allowed me to see a much bigger picture and avoid getting lost in what I thought was the "problem." Our time together was transformative: what I once thought of as adversity I now see as part of my purpose and unique strength as a leader. I am so lucky to have connected with Lisa, and highly recommend working with her!!"

Emma B.


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