Meet Lisa Rutsky, M.Ed.
Visionary, Purveyor of Hope, Catalyst for Change

As the founder and owner of Blue Ocean Coaching and Consulting, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to the next chapter of your journey. With over 20 years of progressive leadership experience, I have dedicated my life to empowering academic institutions, team members and learners alike to navigate change on the path to progress.  I take a holistic and personalized approach to development that’s centered on building self-awareness, progressing beyond adversity, and achieving strategic goals.

My background and credentials include:

  • M.Ed. in School Psychology, Georgia State University

  • B.S. in Psychology, Georgia State University

  • Trauma-informed Organization Certificate, University at Buffalo

  • Trauma Informed Coaching Basics, Moving the Human Spirit

  • My top 5 Strengths based on the Clifton Strengths Profile:
    Futuristic, Communication, Ideation, Learner, Activator

  • Top Character Strengths based on the VIA Institute on Character Strengths Profile:
    Hope, Social IQ, Wisdom (Love of Learning) and Humor

In my free time, I can be found reading on my porch swing, swimming, enjoying the mountains and lakes in north Georgia, relaxing at the beach, and touring local gardens and vineyards throughout Georgia. I spent most of my upbringing in and around the Atlanta area, where I currently reside with Mike (my husband) and William Shakespeare (my cat). I am also a proud mother and grandmother (Lolli). Some of my favorite pastimes include cooking for friends and family, playing with my grandson, photo-taking (in the hopes that some will look good), reading, traveling and pour painting. As a trauma survivor who also lives with a chronic illness, I work daily to nurture relationships with uncertainty and creativity in order to experience life to the fullest.

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"True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self with the world and find sacredness in both being a part of something and standing alone in the wilderness.”

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